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Let me help you create the postpartum of your dreams.

The mother is the center of the family. She must be nourished and whole so she can care for her family in the highest way possible. 

Let's work together and I will guide you in the process of planning for a restorative, restful and enjoyable early postpartum. 

I will help you through the process of creating preparations for deeply nourishing food, bodywork, yoni healing, childcare/house cleaning, emotional healing, hydration, herbal healing, newborn connection and bonding, mother blessing ceremony and much more. 


Most of all I want to help you listen to your inner mother instinct & come to the realization that mothering and postpartum is sacred and enjoyable. 

- - - - - - - - - 


+1 TWO HOUR long session (virtual call or in person) of focused planning for your postpartum resting period

+ My postpartum freezer meal recipe book with my favorite tried and true deeply nourishing recipes (not vegan or vegetarian) [$30 value]

+ My postpartum resource PDF (only available to clients)

+Available for texts/calls/emails the first 4 weeks postpartum


- - - - - - - - - 

Once you purchase, I will get in touch with you within 2 business days to schedule a meeting time. If you would like to leave a note at checkout with your preferred days/times, that will help me plan better. 


  • I, Nicole, have three beautiful & healthy sons, (thank you Lord)! And I am grateful that out of my three births, I have had two absolutely amazing and healing postpartum resting periods. My first birth and postpartum were traumatic, demoralizing and not what I ever wanted to experience again. I put my heart, soul and mind into creating amazing postpartum periods for myself after that. All my hard work paid off & I want to share what I've learned with you.

    I am passionate about women taking the time to rest and nourish themselves while bonding and loving on their new baby in those early weeks after birth. Postpartum and the newborn days do not need to be exhausting, traumatic, full of hunger and despair. Postpartum depression and anxiety, in my opinion, are a product of women that are not cared for, nourished or encouraged to be in their power through the birth and postpartum process. I would be honored to help you create the nourishing and blissful postpartum that you deserve.


    "When a mother thrives, the family thrives.

    When the family thrives, the community thrives.

    When the community thrives, the earth thrives."

    Rachelle Garcia Seliga

  • This two hour long session will vary from woman to woman, based on your specific needs, lifestyle, knowledge, etc.


    + We will use the beginning of our time together to go over: What do you want for your postpartum? What do you think you deserve? What does your optimal postpartum look like, if you could have exactly what you want? What you are hoping to gain from us working together? What do you most need help/advice/guidance with?


    + I will share my knowledge around: caring for yourself postpartum for not only short term health, but long term health and vitality through menopause and beyond. We'll discuss the important of certain nutrients and mineral during the postnatal period. We'll talk about best foods, quality of food, etc. I will be recommending lots of animal based traditionally prepared foods, so if you're vegan or vegetarian this would not be a good fit. Talk about who could help you do a batch cooking day. We'll talk about where you can find high quality foods locally and we will make a plan to execute. We will use my recipe book as a guide.


    + We can use part of our time together to co-create a to-do list of what you want done before baby arrives, so you can sit back, rest, and really focus on healing and bonding with your new baby.


    + And finally, we will wrap up our session discussing mother baby bonding, reminding of the importance of rest and closeness between you and your babe during those first early weeks. We will discuss breastfeeding & newborn care. We will talk about visitors and what you want or don't want from people during that time.

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