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Would you like to help share my Nourishing Freezer Meal book with your community? I would love to have you join forces with me!

For now, my referral program works like this:

1. You fill out the referral program form on this page.

2. I respond with a custom promo code (of your choosing) for 10% off (my recipe book only) that you share with your community via email, text, social media, etc.

3. When someone purchases my recipe book using your promo code, they receive 10% off and you receive a 20% commission on the full price. That is $7 per sale. 

4. At the end of each calendar month, you receive a deposit of whatever sales you made that month, via your PayPal account.

Nourishing Freezer Meals book -
Referral program

Thanks for submitting! We will be in touch soon!

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