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Five Postpartum Essentials - not what you might expect

Updated: May 19, 2023

After having three babies, and two amazing postpartum experiences, I have become super passionate about sharing my knowledge around early postpartum motherhood. Every mother deserves to be nourished, cared for and have ample time for healing after they bring a child into this world. Preparing for postpartum takes work and time but is 1000% worth it.

You really can't have a restorative postpartum resting period without good preparation.

five postpartum essentials

Here are, what I believe, FIVE postpartum essentials.

These will help you, not only have a restful postpartum - but aid in your body's healing; restore your nutrients lost during pregnancy and birth; help you get off to a great start with breastfeeding and bonding; help you keep a positive and healthy mental state; help you sleep better and help you to really enjoy and thrive during the sacred first few months after your baby is born.


Postpartum is not a time to be modest. You and your baby should wear as few clothes as possible and stay in skin to skin contact as often as possible. For at least the first 7 days, optimally the first 2-3 weeks after your babe arrives, stay close, cuddle and be naked with them as much as you can. This is especially important if you are experiencing difficulty nursing, if you get symptoms of mastitis or if you feel too overwhelmed. The amazing hormones that are released when you are skin to skin with your baby help with all of the aforementioned issues. They also help to regulate both your's and your babies nervous systems.

Being naked and in constant close contact with your baby helps to regulate your temperatures, build a strong bond, create a strong breastfeeding relationship and promotes good breast milk production. Smell their head, nuzzle their skin, gaze into their eyes, hold them close. You just created and birthed this human - bask in all that glory! These days are fleeting.

Along with this first recommendation, I highly encourage you to nurse on demand, do not bath your baby (leave their smell), do not use any fragrances on the baby or yourself and always stay warm (socks, blankets, robes when up and about).

postpartum skin to skin

postpartum skin to skin with baby


A huge factor affecting your physical, as well as mental, state postpartum depends on the foods you are consuming. Warm, easy to digest foods are optimal during this time. According to ancient traditions and beliefs, you have lost much of your heat and vitality during the pregnancy and birth process (that's why it is important to stay warm). Your body is (literally) open and susceptible to cold and weakness during postpartum. You want to fill it with warmth and deeply nourishing foods. Foods that contain high amounts of protein, to replenish energy and blood; minerals to replenish minerals lost during pregnancy; iron, to replenish blood also; fats and collagen, to rebuild tissue and keep you full and satiated. All of these properties also aid in your breastmilk nutrient density.

Stews, bone broths, soups, rice dishes, eggs, butter, raw milk, animals fats. These can be prepared and frozen before or if you have someone staying with you who is cooking for you, have them focus on these kinds of foods. The animal foods should be from animals raised on grass, in the sunshine, no pesticides, etc - our food is only as good as the food that they ate.

lamb stew for postpartum nourishment


You should have at least one main support person you can count on for the first few weeks (especially if you have other children). This could be a mother, mother in law, partner, grandma, friend, sister. You want to have someone that can bring you food, hold the baby if you want a bath or shower, refill your water cup, listen to you when you need to talk or cry. Ideally, you would have someone else helping with other children, but this person can help with that also.

It is also a great idea to have a few close girlfriends who can come and sit with you, listen to your birth story or just chat for a bit. If no one is able to come to you, utilize texts and calls. Build these friendships before babe comes, so you know you have a few core ladies you can rely on when you need to share your emotions.


A new mama should always have a cup of hot tea or broth next to her. Hydration is so important - for rebuilding blood supply, for good breastmilk production, keeping your mind and body healthy, flushing toxins and excess hormones and more. But water alone, especially tap water or highly filtered water, isn't optimal. I suggest making herbal tea blends or buying pre-made blends or tea bags (like Earth Mama 3rd Trimester). Herbs like red raspberry leaf, nettle, lemon balm & hibiscus are all wonderful and mineral rich. Getting at least one glass of a strongly infused tea everyday will help restore your mineral levels. If you notice dry flaky skin or lots of hair loss, this points to mineral deficiencies. Drinking an electrolyte drink by adding good sea salt, lemon and honey to a glass of water is another great way to hydrate. Raw milk and bone broths are also amazing for hydration. So, while it's important to stay hydrated, don't think that drinking 8 glasses of water a day is sufficient hydration (that used to be me).

postpartum herbal tea

bone broth for postpartum healing


Get outside, open a window, get some fresh air! The outdoors, sunshine, walking barefoot on the ground - all of these do wonders for your mind, body and soul during those first few months when you are constantly needed by your little one. If it is cold out, try and sit by an open window, listen to the birds, bundle up and go out for a few minutes. If it is hot out, try going out early or later in the day when the heat won't bother you two. And in those first delicate weeks, have someone set up a chair outside that you can just sit and nurse and enjoy nature. If you have privacy and it isn't cold, I highly recommend sitting outside naked or as little clothes possible with your baby (baby should be naked too). Sunlight is great for healing any painful or cracked nipples.

sunlight for postpartum healing

nature and sunlight for postpartum healing

There are a number of other factors that can contribute to your postpartum experience: your nourishment and health before and during your pregnancy; your mental state before and during pregnancy, your relationship with your spouse, partner or the child's father; your living situation; your birth experience and birth outcome. My suggestions above are, for the most part, things that you can control and plan, and no matter what can help your postpartum to be more easeful and healing.

What do you think of my list? Share in the comments.

Wishing all you mamas blessings in your pregnancies, postpartums and beyond.

xoxo Nicole


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