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Give your lips some sunkissed lovin' with this ultra-softening and long lasting natural lip balm. The calendula and annatto seed infused oils penetrate your sweet lips and keep them soft and moisturized for hours at a time! The slight tint of this balm leaves you with a light glossy shimmer. Tastes slightly citrusy and floral with hints of grapefruit and lavender.

SIZE 0.5 oz
This is a wide lip balm that is 3" tall and 1" wide. It's really fun to use!


 IN THE MIX  calendula flowers*, annatto seed*, ev olive oil*, castor oil*, beeswax (USA), essential oils* (*organic or homegrown)


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  • Push up through bottom center of tube to raise the balm up for use. Apply to lips when they're feeling dry, cracked or just when you want some extra sweetness and shine. 

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