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Why Central America?
Welcome to the Nourish Farm Panama website! I'm so happy you found us. We are currently in the process of moving our life and farm from Central California to Panama, Central America.
Read about why we chose Panama, here.

If you're here as a mother, I've got nourishment resources for you. 
If you're here as an adventurer, I've got blog posts all about Panama AND The PanaFamilia Podcast, that I host with my husband.

Browse our menu and you'll find resources for gardening and motherhood, how to start a women's circle, nourishing recipes, and more. Send us an email at and say hello!

As we begin the process of building our new home and farm from scratch, we'd love to have you follow along. If you're interested in visiting or helping us build, reach out via email!

Nourishing Freezer Meals:
Simple Recipes for Your Sacred Window and Beyond

My recipe book for postpartum preparation is a passion project come to fruition and a culmination of my favorite ways to work with my community: food, motherhood, and support.

IMG_8220 2.jpg

“Nourishing Freezer Meals is for every woman! Whether you are preparing for postpartum, are a busy mama in need of quick & warm dinner ideas for lots of hungry bellies, or are simply a woman looking for nourishing meals for yourself, this ebook has something for you! Nicole’s easy-to-follow recipes pulled me out of my postpartum rut and offered me the tools I needed to enjoy being in the kitchen again. Every recipe is delicious, but I think the Lactation Bars are my favorite for a yummy & quick snack! So blessed by this book. Nicole did a beautiful job, as always!”

-Lauren P., Montana

Follow along on our farm adventures!
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